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Bency & Associates provides solutions and support for Comprehensive Impaired Driving Programs. Programs supported have included Full-time Enforcement, Ignition Interlock, Public Awareness and other enhanced law enforcement programs.

Our solutions/support includes:

  • Business Process Analysis to assist agencies in strategic planning and development of implementation strategies.
  • Project management during implementation including scheduling, monitoring local agencies and data collection.
  • Reporting system development to assist in local agency monitoring and executive reporting requirements.
  • Project management, oversight and strategic planning of outreach and education programs.
  • Full public relations support including technical writing, press releases and management of public awareness programs.
  • Management of project agreements with media / public affairs organizations.
  • Database development to ensure accurate and timely acquisition of data from local agencies, device manufacturers (i.e. interlock devices), and indigent programs providing financial support to individuals sentenced to obtain devices.
  • Independent verification and validation services provided to agencies to insure timely and efficient roll out of designed programs.
  • Administrative support of agency programs including contract management and claim processing.